Projects & Activities

Camogie, basketball and football

After school camogie takes place on Monday after Christmas in preparation for the Cumann na mBunscaoil competitions .  There is a long history of Camogie in the school, and many talented and gifted players have represented the school at club level. We are supported in our camogie Training by Paddy and Austin from Good Counsel GAA club. For more information about the club please visit

Congratulations to our magnificent Camogie team who beat Gael Scoil Barra on the Nuri Shield competition in April 2013 in Croke Park. we are so proud of them.


After school basketball takes place on Thursdays from 2.40-3.40pm. It is supervised on a voluntary basis by the teaching staff. Lynn Mc Loughlin, from the Oblates basketball club, takes the children and runs through the many skills needed to enable them to partake in a basketball game. The children get to put their skills to good use in the Oblates basketball blitz. It is a fun and enjoyable experience for the children to partake in working together as a team, building confidence, and learning new skills. For more information about local  basketball please visit













5th and 6th class pupils have the option of getting the Independent and Eureka supplement. This has proven very popular and helps the children with literacy skills as well as increasing scientific awareness and knowledge, it is much enjoyed by the senior girls. The supplement has a different theme every week, with fascinating facts and experiments for the children to explore.This year it includes monthly mathematical newsletter called ‘Scope’. For interesting facts, and a look at previous editions go to

Busy at work on a wordsearch!









Write a book

Some classes engage in this yearly project. Write-a-Book- is organised by Dublin West Education centre in Tallaght. It is a great opportunity for the children to show their writing talent.The children in our school write and illustrate books, and the teachers swap these books with other schools so that the students have the opportunity to read the work of other children. The students leave constructive comments on a leaflet with the book for the author to read. The winners are picked by the students from both schools and the books are returned to the children. This is an annual project and the children really love taking part. Winners attend an award ceremony in the Dublin West education centre, where they are awarded a certificate and rosette.





 Fighting words

This is a project that takes place on Behan Square Russell Street. Two classes are afforded the opportunity of going. It is an annual workshop where a professional artist/author is engaged to illustrate a storybook that the children collaborate on to produce. It is a very worthwhile and fun experience for the children which greatly helps their creative storytelling skills. The children get to work in small groups with an experienced professional leader. At the end of the workshop the children receive a copy of the collaboration from their group which they must finish individually to give their own personal flavour. For more information log on to fighting





















Maths games

Maths games is an activity organised by the parents of present and past pupils, who volunteer their time to enable the children to experience hands on activities to reinforce what is happening in the classroom in a fun way. The service was started in 2004 by Sean Reidy, a teacher from the secondary school. Some of the parents who volunteered in 2004 are still working with us, even though their own children have left the school. The teachers really appreciate and look forward to this time. The maths games take place every Wednesday from 10.00am-11.00am.  The children are arranged into small groups where they are given instructions by the volunteer, and guided through each game. The games include dominoes, tangrams, and follow me loop games. Children can play some of these games online go to




















Sign language workshops

We are most fortunate to offer the children sign language classes in our school this year. It broadens and extends their educational development. Angela spends 20 minutes with each class. The children learn the letters of the alphabet as well as short phrases, to communicate with one another. It is wonderful to see all the children in our school community taking an interest in something so beneficial to all. Here is a link for more information-


School Choir

The school choir is taken by Lynsey O' Callaghan a music student and past pupil. This takes place each Monday and Thursday morning at 8.30am. It is a great opportunity for the children to engage with others, and learn from a highly skilled teacher. The children learn songs throughout the year and perform them at an assembly for the rest of the school. The choir will take part in the peace proms in February 2014 in City west convention centre. For more information see  












Trinity Access Programme (TAP)

We are very fortunate to be involved with the Trinity Access Programme for many years. This programme encourages participation in third level education while providing access to many fun programmes based on a broad range of topics.The girls from  5th and 6th class enjoy trips to Trinity to take part in drama workshops, science and maths projects, writing workshops, treasure hunts, to mention but a few. Trinity staff also visit the school and engage in a fun and meaningful way with our pupils as well as continuing to meet the girls throughout their secondary school education. Kathleen O'Toole-Brennan, the TAP programmes manager, visited us recently to introduce the 5th class girls to the programme and can be seen in the pictures below.











Irish dancing and Hip hop

Irish dancing classes organised and paid for privately held in the school hall each Tuesday from 2.45pm to 4.30pm. Also, Hip hop classes take place each Thursday from 4-6pm, which are also organised and paid for privately.