Green School


Green schools

We have been awarded three green flags by an Taisce one for recycling and one for energy and one for water conservation. We are  now working on our fourth Green flag for transport.

The green schools committe has worked very hard to encourage our pupils, teachers and parents to walk to school if possible and if not , to Park and Stride. This means to drive as far as a nearby supermarket , park and walk from there. This helps the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emmissions. It also helps our health and wellbeing. To promote this, the committee has organised a few WOW days ( Walk on Wednesdays) where large numbers of our school committees have joined together to walk to school or Park and Stride. Those who come to school by bus have joined us at the Supermarkets as well. Many of the parents have also started car pooling.  We also encourage pupils to cycle safely to school and fifth class are undertaking 5 weeks of cycle safety training. There are two bike racks at the front of the school where pupils can lock their bikes in a secure manner.

Well done everyone ! We have had great fun !   Keep up the good  work !


We continue with our other green school initiatives. In every classroom, there is a bin for waste that cannot be recycled, a bin for recyclable paper, and a compost bin. We teach the children how to recycle items properly. They are shown what can be put into the different bins. Out in the garden there are 4 large compost bins. We use our own compost for planting in the garden.

Every class has a green monitor. They help us to ‘think green’. We always:

  • Sort our rubbish.
  • Recycle paper and cardboard.
  • Wash and recycle our milk cartons.
  • Use a compost box.
  • Take home extra packaging.
  • Switch off lights when we don’t need them.
  • Close the doors to keep the heat in.

The pupils are energy aware.

Every Friday, we collect batteries, mobile phones, and printer cartridges.

We are very energy efficient in the classroom. Lights are switched off when leaving the classroom, or when they are not needed. Every evening we are sure to switch of our computers and interactive whiteboards.

Our school is very conscious of conserving water. A large rainwater harvesting tank has recenttly been installed in the school, and this water is used for flushing toilets. This should reduce our water consumption. We have new energy efficient toilets and taps for the children. We have signs over the old taps in the staffroom and Art room encouraging people to turn them off after use.

Our parents council regularly organise Clothes Recycling days  with a local initiative which not only helps fundraising  and a local jobs programme but reuses clothes and textiles which may other wise end uo in land fill.


Our Great Green Schools Committee

















We have two girls from each of the 3rd and 4th classes and three for each of the 5th and 6th classess on our Green Schools Committee. Two teachers also help out and the principal supports the great work of the committee. Everyone on the committee works very hard because they wnat to make a difference. They check with the energy and recycling monitors in each class and have done great work to maintain our  Very impressive Greeen Notice Boards. They also arard our Mr Happy Award to the class that is best at travelling in a green way each week.  - we put the scores on the doors


The following girls are on the Green schools committee

3rd class - Irene Daniel, Alex Moore

4th class-- Alisha Campbell, Christina Robinson

5th class-Taylor Clinton, Sophie Baker, Irene Eria, Nadin Krzesinska, Aleena

6th class-Zandara Apostal, Kim and Eryn


Our Great Green School !

Everyone here works so hard to keep our school super green. We join in An taisce's Annual Spring Clean each year and we maintain high standards of recycling and waste management, energy and water conservation.

The Principal, pupils, teachers,  SNA's, secretary and caretaker all help out - Joining our walks, sending newsletters and texts about what is going on, making posters and baners, entering competitions for designs and slogans.

Our parents committee also help out by helping with green Travel and by judging our competitions. Our grandparents survey was a great success. The gardai have helped out on WOW days and by giving Road safety takls to the classes.

And so to conclude, here is our green schools slogan to encourage you all


Walk , cycle or take the bus.

Dont make such a fuss.

Don't go the mean way.

Go the Green Way !